Thursday, December 13, 2007

N Scale Life-Like SW8 Contacts

N scale Life-Like switchers are great little locomotives with fine details and fantastic low-speed, especially with a decoder in it.

The only trouble I have had is with the brass contacts that transfer power from the trucks to the frame.

I documented my conversion, based on a web page I once saw, which is no longer available. I had to go by memory and I think I got it right!

Life-Like SW8 Contacts

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Prince Edward Island Railway

Prince Edward Island is one of my favorite places to visit and, being a railfan, I'm naturally inclined towards what's left of their railway system.

image from

I have a really great book that I bought this past summer while visiting Orangedale Station near Wycocomagh, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia: A Photo History of the Prince Edward Island Railway by Allan Graham.

This is one of my favorite railway books I've collected thus far. I guess there's just something about that rural railway in PEI that appeals to me. (And I've just noticed, on looking at the first page inside the cover that not only is it signed by the author, which I knew, but it was also sponsored by the CN Lines SIG, which I did NOT know! :-)

Look here for a railway structure listing from the Railroad Station Historical Society:

Extant Prince Edward Island Railroad/Railway Structures