Friday, October 17, 2008

More Micros!

Yes, it has been MONTHS since I last posted. A few things got in the way, like work, but now that the colder season is coming again time for trains will once again be available.

Contrary to my promise to myself not to build more modules until my current ones had more scenery, I built two more! The main reason for doing this was to provide more possibilities for our layout for an upcoming show.

This micro is named after my friend James, who inspired me to create the micromodules and who also built a module very similar to the following. There is no shame in a copy, where properly credited. Thanks, James! :-)

This little guy is a simple 12x12 inch crossover module that will help us fill in odd 1 foot gaps in the layout and also provide for a competing railway that crosses but does not interchange with our branchline.

Today, I built the frames for these and will wait until they have dried overnight. I will then sand and paint them the standard black colour, then cut some foam to fit inside the edges.