Monday, May 5, 2008

Rix "Guthrie Grain" kit

I've been working on an N scale Rix "Guthrie Grain" kit for the past little while. I added a 3rd tank to the kit and plan to add more.

Additionally, I've been adding small details such as a light on the tower to light the work space below and reinforcing wires on the feed pipes. I will be adding more tanks, truck scales and unloading for rail and truck traffic, shelters for unloading, office building, fences, etc. as time permits.


Sarah said...

mike love your kit ..we own Guthrie Grain and would love to provide any photos if you need some ideas. Your kit very much resembles our location in coyle,ok?did you use it as a model? Tom and Sarah

Mike said...

Sorry! I didn't noticed your comment until now. I need to check my email notification settings!
This is just a kit that I'm trying to customize my own so that it doesn't look like everyone else's. I'm currently in the process of adding 3 more tanks. I would love some photos, if you have them. :)